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Fellowship at iPODD/Roche: a perfect match for me!

Hi Everyone! My name is Gemma, I’m a SIOP YI Board member. Today I am posting on behalf of Dr Guillaume Bergthold, who shares his experiences of his Fellowship in Industry with Roche.

By Gemma |

Integrating clinical and research interests

Today I am posting on behalf of Jack Brzezinski, who today is writing about integrating clinical and research interests. Take it away Jack!

It can be tough to be a successful scientist at the same time as you carry on a clinical practice. On one end, you have the same responsibilities to your patients as any other clinician. On the other end, you are trying to compete for the same grant money as pure scientists who can focus on their science and don’t have a clinical practice to worry about. However, there are also distinct advantages to being a mixed clinician-scientist and with a little bit of time management you can use the job mix to your advantage.

By Gemma |

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