Balancing Multiple and Diverse Research Interests

Hi everyone! Today I am posting on behalf of previous SIOP YI-NET member Kathryn Demanelis (USA), check out her post about how she balances her diverse research interests:
I am not sure if I am the best person to write about how to balance research interests since I am generally interested in everything. My dissertation research examined two broad topics: descriptive pediatric cancer epidemiology in Southeast Asia and chronic cadmium exposure and its effects on the epigenome. Both of these projects were based in Thailand and focused on vulnerable populations. Otherwise, these projects are quite different and involve very different datasets, types of analyses, and research questions.

By Gemma |

Top Tips on writing your thesis

There are many ways of writing your thesis, depending on the subject matter, the regulations of your institution, and your own writing style (and that of your supervisors). So I’m not going to talk about the fine detail of sentence structure and whether you use active or passive voice.

By Liliana |

My Experience with Lecturing

Hi everybody!

This is Rene again. I’m a PhD student in the Netherlands focusing on chemotherapy resistance in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I would like to share some thoughts I have on teaching.

By Rene |

Time Management as a PhD student

Time management in general is a topic of special interest to me. In my personal life, I have always found it a bit of a challenge. Often due to my unrealistic time plans that have sometimes got me into trouble with friends and family! But this has also helped me to spend time reflecting on [...]
By Anna |

Great Apps for PhD Students

Hello everyone, I am posting on behalf of previous SIOP YI-NET member Marissa den Hoed (the Netherlands), check out her post about apps:

By Gemma |

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