November 7, 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Gemma, I’m a SIOP YI board member. This week on the blog I’m providing an overview of the Young Investigator Network (YI-NET) activities at the recent SIOP Congress, which was held in Washington DC (12th-15th October 2017).

Educational Day morning

YI activities kicked off with our 3rd pre-congress education day on Thursday 12th October, which was generously supported by Roche. During the morning a packed room of over 140 YIs heard from outstanding speakers: Dr Lillian Sung spoke about getting involved in research, Dr Guillaume Bergthold spoke about potential scholarships in the pharmaceuticals industry, and Dr Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo spoke about International funding opportunities and twinning programs. They were followed by Dr Jeremy Slone and Dr Ibrahim Qaddoumi who spoke about collaboration and twinning in research, and Dr Damon Reed who spoke about the role of philanthropy in paediatric oncology research. Our last speakers before lunch were Dr Girish Dhall and Dr Adam Esbenshade who spoke about mentorship and launched the SIOP YI mentorship programme.

Expert Lunch

At our expert lunch session 100 YIs got the opportunity to discuss and network with senior professionals in their field, in an informal setting over a free lunch.  This year, covered topics included leukaemia, Sarcoma, Retinoblastoma, Renal tumours, Supportive Care, CNS tumours, Neuroblastoma, Hodgkin Lymphoma, Radiation Oncology and Immunotherapy.

Educational day afternoon

After lunch, attendees heard from Dr Peter Newburger and Dr Thomas Gross, who gave an informative talk about scientific writing. This was followed by our popular YI workshops: Dr Bob Philips ran a session on systematic reviews and meta-analyses, Dr Phillip Lupo and Dr Michael Scheurer jointly led a session on epidemiology, Dr Stephen Simko conducted a session on clinical trials and Dr John Anderson ran a session on translational research.

Collaborative event

Our collaborative event was held on the evening of the 12th in the Roofers Union restaurant, just a short walk away from the conference venue. This event was generously sponsored once again by Texas Children’s Hospital. This was a great opportunity for YI to let their hair down, have some free food, and a few drinks, whilst networking with other young investigators and experts from all over the world. The YI collaborative event was fantastic chance for YIs to make some new friends and maybe even some research contacts for the future.

We immensely grateful to all the speakers and attendees who helped make our YI educational and social activities a success.

See you in Kyoto!

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