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Hello everyone, today I am posting on behalf of previous SIOP YI-NET member Marissa den Hoed (the Netherlands), check out her post about apps:

As a PhD student you have to be a pro in multitasking. The digital world supplies us with a ton of apps that will make life just a bit easier to manage. Here is a list of (free) apps which helped me through my PhD work. Most of these apps can be used on a phone, or can even be synced across multiple devices.

Todoist: This app helps you to manage your daily and long-term to-do lists. Todoist syncs across any device or platform, which will keep you up-to-date everywhere. You can even share the list with other people. Wunderlist is a similar app

Dropbox: This is my favourite cloud storage app, as it is very easy to use and index.

Google drive: Google drive is a similar cloud storage app, but the advantage is here that you can work for with multiple people on the same document at the same time. Also no Microsoft apps needed.

Notability: This app records sound, illustrates any notes you have to make, and it automatically saves to apps like Dropbox.

Scanner pro: This app can turn a photo or multi-page documents into a pdf in no time. Scanner pro automatically detect borders and will correct for distortion and geometry. The app saves directly on Dropbox or google drive.

Adobe Acrobat: With this app from Adobe any pdf file can be adapted or commented on, and it synchronises directly with your Dropbox account

Feedly: Feedly is an easy to use RSS and blog reader. I use this app to keep me up-to-date with the literature as PubMed also supplies a RSS code for each search

Ozdic: If English is not your native language, this website shows you how to use any word in a phrase by showing what adjectives, nouns and verbs are related.

SyncToy: This Windows program will help you out keeping you files and folders up-to-date between your computer and other external drives.

What apps do you use? Please let us know of any we might have missed!

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