December 14, 2017

Hi everyone.  Below is an additional SIOP grant awardee spotlight from one of our researchers who presented at the SIOP annual congress in Washington.





Christopher Chikhosi Stanley

Christopher Chikhosi Stanley is a research analyst and biostatistian working with UNC Project in Malawi. He initially graduated in 2014 with this degree and has since moved on to help with the UNC project.  The research he presented at the SIOP annual conference of 2017 involved tracking children  lost to follow up from an on-going prospective longitudinal Lymphoma cohort from Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. The main reasons for this specific study were a) to determine reasons and risk factors to treatment abandonment or loss to follow up, b) evaluating bias in estimating survival as a result of loss to follow up in the cohort.  He has been passionate about this study to find ways of improving quality of care in these patients, and the SIOP award made it possible for him to present this data and continue to enhance his progress.

Stay tuned for additional awardee spotlights!

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