February 6, 2017

Last October, the SIOP Young Investigator Network activities were held in Dublin as part of the 48th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP 2016). The atmosphere was participative, energetic and full of fresh air.

The audience at our educational day

The Educational Day for Young Investigators (October 19) was introduced by the outstanding lectures about Development of Clinical Trials given by Justin Baker (USA) and Hubert Caron (The Netherlands). There were other excellent talks about Career Development (Faith Gibson, UK), Grant Proposal Writing (Adam Glaser, UK), Scientific writing (Richard Garland, UK & Thomas Gross, USA), Translational Research techniques (Jan Molenaar, The Netherlands) and How to present your research (Bob Phillips, UK). We had excellent attendance and kept the conference presentation room full all the time!

Expert Lunch

Expert Lunch Session offered the opportunity to discuss and network with senior  professionals from different disciplines (renal tumors, leukemia, nursing, palliative care, supportive care and late effects) in an informal lunch. We finally finished the sessions with a new and great experience for us, the interactive Workshop on How to Present your Research, with Bob Phillips, Faith Gibson, Justin Baker and Jan Molenaar as role facilitators.

Collaborative Event

The SIOP YI Network activities were not just talks and workshops. Our SIOP YI Collaborative Event 2016 (October 20th) contained a free dinner at a local typical Irish venue (Lillie’s Bordello) and was a perfect place for networking and discussions during the evening program. It was well attended with over 150 junior professionals present. Many young investigators shared their experiences and challenges about clinical and research settings with peers from all around the world!

The SIOP-YI board members at SIOP Dublin 2016!

Want to find out more?

If you want to know more about our group activities this year 2017, kindly get in touch via the button below or our social media channels.

Join us for our annual Educational Day Program for Young Investigators, Expert lunch session & SIOP YI Collaborative Event in Washington D.C. 2017!

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