Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan
August 14, 2017
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Hi, I’m Jess and I’m the chair of the SIOP YI-NET Educational Day committee for 2017. I’m writing today to let you know more about the Educational Day this year and to hopefully get you excited about all the different opportunities on offer!

Just as a reminder, the Educational Day is on Thursday 12th October in Washington DC – you can book onto the day for free when you register for the congress or, if you forgot to do it when registering earlier, email the team at Kenes (through the Contact Us section of the congress website) to ask to be added to our list of attendees. If you can’t make the congress, you can still come to the Educational Day – it costs just $70.

So… what does the day involve? Essentially the whole aim of the day is to provide Young Investigators with the opportunity to hear from, and meet, some of the key leaders in paediatric oncology research. We focus on generic research skills, rather than specific diseases, and aim to run sessions that are relevant to younger congress attendees of lots of different backgrounds – clinical, academic or a mixture.

This year, the morning sessions are a series of lectures from some very exciting speakers. First up is Dr Lillian Sung telling us about her own outstanding research career and providing key tips and advice for young investigators about how to get involved in research and how to overcome challenges in your academic career development. Next, Dr Guillaume Bergthold will be sharing about how to identify and apply for research fellowships in pharma, for those who are interested in careers and collaboration within this field. As an expert from our sponsors, Roche, we know that this talk will be informative and inspiring for all young investigators.

Following this, Dr Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo will be speaking about international funding opportunities and twinning partnerships between high income countries and low and middle income countries. Dr Rodriguez-Galindo is the director of the St Jude’s International Outreach Programme and an international leader in paediatric solid tumour research – we are excited to hear what he has to share with you about how to develop your own international interests.

After a break to top up your caffeine levels and network with some of the other young investigators, we then have a session from Dr Jeremy Slone and Dr Ibrahim Qaddoumi on collaboration and twinning projects in research. Both have extensive experience of setting up collaborative work and running extensive research, training and education programmes.

Dr Damon Reed is then going to share on the role of philanthropy in paediatric oncology research, including his experiences in leading the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Sunshine Project.

Our final talk of the morning comes from Dr Girish Dhall and Dr Adam Esbenshade, who have been working with us as part of the Educational Day committee. They will be sharing on the importance of finding a good mentor and on their own experiences of being mentors and mentees. They will also speak about their work running the COG mentorship programme for young investigators and then introducing the new and exciting SIOP YI-NET mentorship programme.

Attendees at the YI SIOP Expert Lunch at the SIOP 2016 Congress

After all this, you will definitely be needing some refreshments! As in previous years, we will be running our Expert lunch session. This provides an opportunity for Young Investigators to have a free lunch with an expert in their field of interest and ask questions about their research and what they feel are the important developments in their field now, and in the future. This year many of our speakers are staying to meet with you, and a few others will be joining us specifically for lunch. This session is always well received and we get great feedback. Spaces are limited though so please make sure to register. We will soon be emailing all registered attendees to ask for their table preferences so make sure to reply quickly to get a space on the tables of your choice!

Attendees at the YI Educational Day at the 2016 SIOP Congress in Dublin

The afternoon session starts with an ever popular slot from Professor Peter Newburger and Dr Thomas Gross, Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor of Paediatric Blood & Cancer. This year they will be sharing on how to write a peer review and the importance of young investigators being involved in this process. This session is not to be missed if you’re a young investigator involved in writing or publishing research!

To finish the day we have an exciting new session – the methodology workshops. This is an opportunity for you to participate in an informative and interactive session from an expert in one of four methodologies. You might choose to attend a session about your area of interest, a skill you want to improve upon or perhaps something you have never done before! The four workshops are going to be on systematic reviews and meta-analysis (run by Dr Bob Phillips), epidemiology (run by Drs Phillip Lupo and Michael Scheurer), trial design (run by Dr Stephen Simko) and translational research (run by Professor John Anderson). As you know, all of these speakers are experts in their field, and we have given them free reign to develop a workshop which is interesting and develops your skills – we’re excited to see how it all turns out!

The Collaborative event at SIOP 2016, Dublin

After this busy day of learning, we then want to invite you to join us for our Collaborative event that evening. This is a great chance to let your hair down, have some free food, and a few drinks, whilst networking with some other young investigators and experts. It’s a fantastic way to make some new friends and maybe even some research contacts for the future! We’ll be announcing the venue soon so make sure to register and keep an eye on our social media accounts.

So – now you know more about what’s happening, I really hope you’ll join us for the Educational Day in Washington! Feel free to contact us on facebook or twitter beforehand or just speak to any of us on the day or throughout the congress.

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