1. Current or former members who have made exceptionally distinguished contributions to the field of paediatric oncology and/or significant service to SIOP activities. Upon recommendation by the Executive Board they will be elected Honorary Members by the General Assembly.
  2. It is normally bestowed after the member has fully retired. Proposed member must have been a member in good standing for at least ten years.
  3. Honorary membership cannot be given to a person who still have a clinical and/or research activity.

Application Process

1. Any member of SIOP may propose another member for Honorary Membership.
2. The proposal should consist of a statement that begins: “I wish to propose [the name of the member being proposed] for Honorary Membership of SIOP.” This should then be followed by an account of the member’s contributions to the field of paediatric oncology. The statement should be no more than 500 words. It should be signed by the proposer above their name printed clearly at the end of the statement.
3. The proposal should be sent to the Secretariat at least 3 months before the next General Assembly. After checking the membership statuses of the proposer and the proposed, if the proposal meets the eligibility requirements the Secretariat will distribute the proposal to the Executive Board.
4. The Executive Board will consider each proposal received and either recommend it to the General Assembly, or reject the proposal.
5. Recommended proposals will be put to the next General Assembly for endorsement.
6. After the General Assembly the Secretary General will write to each proposer to indicate the success or not of their proposal, and to each new Honorary Member to congratulate them on their election.
7. Honorary members will be eligible for free membership of SIOP