About ICCD

15th of February is International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD).

ICCD is a global collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to express support for children and adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

Our Message in 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the second year of our three-year campaign for ICCD (2021-2023) under the theme of ‘Better Survival’ is achievable #throughyourhands “Right care at the right time by the right team” is underway and with your support we are going to celebrate this important milestone on 15th of February in collaboration with CCI.

How to participate in the 2022 campaign?

We encourage all members of SIOP, CCI and other ICCD Alliance partners to engage in various activities under the theme of ‘Better Survival’ is achievable #throughyourhands with focus on paying tribute to the medical team and health care workers and the positive impact they have on the lives of children and adolescents with cancer and vice versa.

The ICCD three-year campaign (2021- 2023) has been designed to align its messaging with the WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer (GICC) #cureall campaign and branding, using the universal image of colorfully painted hands.

You can take action for the 2022 ICCD campaign in any way you have done so previously based on your capacity, while integrating this year’s theme into the following levels:

  1. National and Regional: Create an ICCD 2022 event or activity any day in February or March including a physical Tree of Life in your setting or in continuation of your previous ICCD events promoting this year’s theme of ‘Better Survival’ is achievable #throughyourhands. We encourage you to bring this campaign to the attention of your national PHO society or regional network and join forces in advocacy. We will make an event submission form available shortly and will collect them all on our campaign website.
  2. Institutional Level and Advocacy: Advocate for action in your own centre or institution and inspire and encourage your colleagues to host an ICCD 2022 event engaging important stakeholders at the political level such as the Ministry of Health or WHO Offices. Our toolkit will be made available shortly.

2022 ICCD Campaign Material

The toolkit is available to inspire and guide campaign participation by healthcare professionals, parents, patients, survivors and advocates at all levels, with emphasis on regional activities in local languages:

Join our Social Media Campaign

Raise awareness by participating in our #throughyourhands Campaign! Use our social media graphic by using the hashtag #throughyourhands as well as #ICCD2022 when posting on social media.

ICCD 2021 was a Success

The #ICCD2021 campaign was commemorated under the theme of #throughourhands to celebrate the bravery, the courage, and the resiliency of children and adolescents with cancer.
With the aim of recognizing the mark their lives have on the world and how they shape our shared future,109 country champion organizations got involved in this campaign and we have recorded 1553 participants from 70 countries/administrations via the Tree of Life website.

CCI & SIOP Press Release

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SIOP Patron & President Message

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