The SIOP NuChriastina Baggott-250x250rsing Committee will experience significant transition this year, with three members rotating of the committee.  We held elections and were pleased to have four highly qualified candidates. With extremely close results, the committee decided to bring on all four candidates to leadership positions.   These nurses have all been active within SIOP for many years. Frieda Clinton served as the chair of the local nurses’ committee for SIOP Dublin.  She has extensive leadership positions for national nursing organizations in Ireland. Lisa Morrissey was a leader of the nursing education day for SIOP Boston.  She is also involved in local committees as well as global health initiatives.  Rehana Punjwani is currently co-chair of the SIOP PODC Nursing Committee.  She is a nurse leader in Pakistan and brings the perspective of caring for children from low and middle income countries. Veronique Van de Velde from Belgium has been a longstanding member of SIOP and has shared her expertise in oncology nursing through numerous invited presentations.

The nursing educational programs planned for continental SIOP meetings in Africa and Asia will provide great opportunities for nurses to build their knowledge base and exchange ideas.

Christina Baggott (Nursing Group Chair)