SIOP PODC now has 9 Working Groups and 5 Task Forces. Please see our SIOP webpage for more information on the particulars of each group. Former PODC co-Chair, Ramandeep Arora, has just joined the SIOP Website and Communications Committee and will be ensuring that our information is up to date and we are participating fully in SIOP communications as appropriate.

We are happy to announce that we have a full program for the SIOP Annual Conference in Washington, DC in October. On PODC Education Day, Thursday Oct. 12, themes for the free pre-conference are Free Papers (Best of PODC), L&MIC Radiation Oncology Symposium, Selected Papers (Best of the Continents), and Supportive Care Symposium – PODC Supportive Care WG together with SIOP Supportive Care Committee. On Day +3, Sunday Oct. 15, PODC will have two sessions: Session 1 – Lancet Oncology:  Highlights of the Commission and Twinning: How do we Monitor and Evaluate? and Session 2 – Focus on Oceania

In addition, the PODC Essential Medicines Working Group will be holding a symposium, SIOP-PODC: Global Access to Essential Medicines for Children with Cancer: Dynamics and Challenges on Sunday Oct. 15 from 0800-0930. Please do join us for all these interactive and informative sessions.

Next we highlight 2 Working Groups, PODC PROS LMIC and PODC Adapted Treatment Regimens.

The PROS LMIC group aims to empower through education, mentorship and advocacy. In this way we hope to gradually improve the standards of paediatric radiotherapy throughout the developing world. This is particularly important as more and more children survive childhood cancer and have to live with the late effects of their treatment. Current projects from the PROS LMIC group include organisation of teaching workshops in LMIC, co-development of adapted care treatment regimens for LMIC, advocacy and support for individuals and/or groups who work in LMIC. We have also instituted an LMIC group online platform, using the Cure4kids website and have currently registered 25 members.

The SIOP PODC Adapted Therapy Regimen (ATRs) Group promotes the development of universal templates and pragmatic guidelines for the treatment of Childhood Cancer in LIC/LMIC where physician and supportive care are limited. Currently, the group has 100 members from 32 countries; and has published treatment guidelines for ALL, Wilms, Burkitt’s lymphoma, Medulloblastoma, Neuroblastoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma and Retinoblastoma. This year, completed manuscripts for publication include Low grade glioma, Hepatoblastoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a framework paper on the development of adapted treatment guidelines. On-going projects are ATRs on AML, Germ Cell tumor, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Osteosarcoma, and new ones on ALL and Retinoblastoma, as well as an international survey on the usage of published ATRs.

​Each writing group is composed of physicians from high-income countries and L&MIC to ensure realistic treatment options with the goal of improving survival based on best practices across LMIC to date. In a recent development the editors of PBC have decided to publish these guidelines in special SIOP PODC supplements that will appear from time to time. We hope to have one ready for the Washington meeting in October.

LOC Chair 2015_Alan Davidson_smaller Alan Davidson (PODC co-chair)

PODC_Julia head shot 2015 Julia Challinor (PODC co-chair)