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Members of SIOP North America have been engaged in activities across SIOP, including in PODC, the Nursing Committee and the Young Investigators group.

Executive Committee


About SIOP North America

A number of vacancies will arise on the SIOP Executive Board and Board of Directors in 2018, including the position of Continental President North America.
We kindly remind you that you must be a member in good standing in order to have full voting rights.
The deadline for formal nominations is January 29, 2018.
A nomination links will be send to all SIOP members by email or you can directly access it by clicking on the link below

SIOP North America, which includes Canadian and United States-based members, has 193 members, 49 from Canada and 144 from the U.S. Of these, 37 members are new in 2015.

Disciplines represented include pediatric oncology (137), nursing (10), pathology (4), pharmacy (2), psychology (8), radiation oncology (11), surgery (6), translational research (4), and epidemiology/biostatistics (8).

The membership does not meet on a regular basis, but there have been gatherings at the London and Toronto meetings.

Members of SIOP North America have been engaged in activities across SIOP, including in PODC, the Nursing Committee and the Young Investigators group.

SIOP North America membership has focused its work over the past years looking at two specific issues: how best to train physicians with interest in global oncology and how to engage North American physicians in meaningful efforts to improve outcomes for children with cancer globally.

Meet us at COG 2016


Dear SIOP North America Members,

I am writing to ask for your help. But allow me a preamble.
As Continental President, I have been pondering the role of SIOP North America vis à vis the role of the other continental organizations within SIOP. For other continental groups – Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Africa – SIOP plays a much larger role, as a convener of regional conferences and a mechanism to design and conduct clinical trials. We have other professional organizations that serve those purposes.
Nonetheless, I am convinced that SIOP is a necessary and relevant organization for us North American pediatric oncologists. Put simply, it broadens our world view. How? In 3 principal ways. SIOP is an important venue for the design and implementation of clinical trials that we North Americans have or will participate in–EuroEwings, the new germ cell tumor trial, AGCT1531, the new liver tumor trial AHEP1531, and many other diseases.
Secondly, SIOP serves as great mechanism as well to bring together the world’s know-how on a topic (i.e. how to measure hearing loss) and achieve formal international consensus going forward.
Finally, SIOP also serves a way for those of us who live in a high income country to partner with pediatric oncologist working in low and middle income countries and contribute in a substantial way as part of PODC -Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries.

Why do I need your help?
Only 256 North Americans (United States and Canada) are currently members of SIOP. I would like to ask your help to increase that number. I firmly believe it is an amazing mechanism for our own professional and personal development.
Increasing membership will also help SIOP assist more of our colleagues from LMIC in terms of scholarships and fees.

How can you help?
This fall at COG (Atlanta, GA September 13-16th) the educational session is about SIOP and the many ways one can get involved and benefit from the organization. We have several great speakers lined up – so please come.

Children’s Oncology Group – Fall 2016 Group Meeting
Atlanta, GA, September 13 – 16, 2016
Session Title:
How SIOP Can Expand an Oncologist’s World View: Co-design of Clinical Trials, Achieving Consensus on Key Elements of Care and Advancing Pediatric Cancer Care in LMIC
Date & Time:
THURSDAY, 9/15/2016 from 10:00am-12:00pm
View full programme – click here

In addition, SIOP will be sponsoring a booth at COG and offering Young Investigators a 2 year membership for the price of 1 year. New members will also have the opportunity to enter a raffle for an iPad.

I would love to have a few avid SIOP members volunteer to help man the booth during the COG coffee breaks on Wednesday and Thursday. Please sign up if you are willing on the Doodle poll – click here
If you have other thoughts about specific activities that you would like to see SIOP NA sponsor, please be in touch with me directly

Many thanks,


COG 2016 Ipad lottery

Special Interest Group in Global Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

To help address above mentioned issues, we have partnered with ASPHO to develop a Special Interest Group in global pediatric hematology/oncology.

The group met for the first time at the ASPHO 2015 meeting in May. There was significant enthusiasm for increasing the support for pediatric oncologists/hematologists who want to be involved in global health – providing opportunities for exchange with international physicians, joint research and educational opportunities.