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Function Clinical Director Hemato-Oncology
Princess Máxima Center For Pediatric Oncology

Position in organization : reports to the Chief Medical Officer CMO

Background information Princess Máxima Center

Cancer is still is the most common cause of death in children. Concentration of clinical care, research and training in one comprehensive pediatric cancer center can increase the survival rate of children with cancer. This is why we realized the Princess Máxima Center, a national pediatric cancer center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Princess Máxima Center is a unique initiative worldwide, where parents and pediatric oncology professionals cooperated in the foundation of this center in 2014. The creation of the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht has broadened the scope of care and cure for children with cancer.

The mission statement is therefore:
“The Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology intends to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life.”

The accompanying credo: “For children, against cancer.”

The core values “limitless” and “passionate” describe the core values driving the Princess Maxima Center: we strive to go beyond the limits, and we do it with heart and soul.

Soon, the Princess Maxima Center will move to a brand new building next to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital. A center where the top care and top research are integrated, and aims to pair up with the leading pediatric oncology centers in the world. Realizing complete concentration and integration of expertise are essential to create the critical mass needed to enable top care for every child with cancer. The first 15 research groups of the Princess Máxima Center have already started and concentration of care has been realized for children with solid tumors. In addition, the Princess Máxima Center provides care for children from central Netherlands with hemato-oncological and neuro-oncological diseases. National concentration of hemato-oncology and neuro-oncology will be realized in May 2018 in the new building of the Princess Máxima Center, to form the largest pediatric oncology center in Europe with approximately 600 newly diagnosed children each year. The three clinical departments (hemato-oncology, solid tumors, neuro-oncology) are arranged by tumor type and each section includes the various components of care (inpatient, outpatient, day care facility). The fourth department is the late effects outpatient clinic.

We currently have a vacancy for the function of Clinical Director of the Department of Pediatric Hemato-oncology.

Clinical Director of the Department of Pediatric Hemato-oncology

Princess Máxima Center

• Experienced pediatric hemato-oncologist
• International recognition in clinical care and research
• Strong leadership
• Able to build a clinical team and connect people to the mission of the center
• Strong sense of responsibility and ability to make decisions to lead the department forward
• Strong inner motivation to improve the cure and care for children with cancer and propagate our mission within the Princess Máxima Center and to the outside world

• Start the formation of a clinical expert team in hemato-oncology. The team should be ready to deliver clinical care in May 2018. For this, the Clinical Director will work closely together with (and supported by) the Medical Director of the Princess Máxima Center
• Create a structure and take responsibility for the organization and quality of care in clinical, out-patient and day-care facility, together with the Care Manager and Business Manager.
• Take responsibility for smooth collaboration between the clinical, out-patient and day-care facilities and the patient service.
• Manage the clinical medical specialists working in the department.
• Responsible for the implementation of Quality of care, Patient Safety, chemotherapy guidelines, Supportive care guidelines, collaboration in Shared Care between the Princess Máxima Center and regional hospitals, surgical guidelines, etc.
• Closely collaborate with the clinical teams, including clinical directors solid tumors, neuro-oncology and late effects, head trial and data office, head diagnostic laboratories, etc.
• The Clinical Director is research oriented and facilitates clinical and tissue research in all its aspects.
• The Clinical Director oversees the clinical training and licensing of medical professionals in the department.
• The Clinical Director will take responsibility for the organization and implementation of specific hemato-oncology aspects of care, within the framework of the established Princess Máxima Center organization.
• The Clinical Director acts as a role model for patient-oriented and patient-friendly care with excellent, state-of-the-art treatment programs.
• Support and promote the international ambition of the Princess Máxima Center.

We gladly receive your written application before April 15, 2017
For more information, contact Professor Rob Pieters, Chief Medical Officer, Board of Directors at: + 31-88-9728585