The Website & Communication committee is in charge of improving and maintaining efficient communication within and outside the society.


October 11, 2014


Committee Members


The Website & Communication Committee goals are:

  • To improve communications between members of SIOP and the Board of SIOP, it’s committees and working groups as well as improving the visibility of SIOP to interested professionals & public.
  • To improve information about forthcoming SIOP meetings.


Functioning via the Secretariat which implement changes to the website, and will maintain the website, produce the newsletter, the committee will develop a three year action plan in line with SIOP strategic objectives.


Website Responsibilities

  • Enhance the website profile of SIOP by improving its content, accessibility and ease of use including
  • Enhance educational/scientific content (including previous SIOP meetings)
  • Ensure a venue for discourse between members
  • Enhance accessibility of all notifications, reports and news from SIOP
  • Board, SIOP active committees or working groups and SIOP Office
  • Utilize the website for an advocacy forum internationally
  • Promote upcoming international SIOP congresses
  • Access to “Breaking News” that is relevant to SIOP membership


Communications Responsibilities

  • Improve communications internally for and between the membership and externally to interested healthcare professionals, linked organizations and the public.
  • Publication of biannual newsletter on the activities of SIOP, its active committees and future congresses
  • Policy for communication with the media that will enhance and advocate for the vision and mission of SIOP
  • Develop a presence on one or more social networking forums
  • The committee will communicate through teleconferences as required and face to face meetings at the Annual General Meeting.