October 9, 2017







Hi Everyone! My name is Gemma, I’m a SIOP YI Board member. Today I am posting on behalf of  Dr Guillaume Bergthold, who shares his experiences of his Fellowship in Industry with Roche.


I wanted to take the opportunity to share my recent great experience during my fellowship in the iPODD (innovative Pediatric Oncology Drug Development) team at Roche in Basel. The Roche Clinical Research Fellowship Program (CRFP) entails collaboration between academic institutions and the pharma industry environment, offering experienced MD fellows interested in a career in hematological/oncological clinical research, a one-year immersion in the pharma environment.

After my residency in pediatrics and oncology and my PhD studying genomic features in pediatric brain tumors, I spent most of time in clinics in the pediatric oncology and hematology department at Strasbourg University Hospital. Although I greatly enjoyed my time in clinics, taking care of children with cancer, I was frustrated by the lack of access to innovative drugs for my patients. I wanted to explore and better understand how molecules are developed by the pharma industry and hopefully leverage this experience to participate in innovative drug development for children with cancer.

The iPODD team at Roche benefit from a great reputation in the pediatric oncology field. I was glad and honored to join the iPODD team in November 2016 as a fellow, which was a perfect match for me! During the fellowship I received extensive and comprehensive training on how pharma is structured and is organized in the decision making process. I learned more about the European and US regulatory obligations and apprehended the complexity of early clinical development in pediatrics. I was involved in several projects in the team at different stages in the drug development process (participated in preclinical evaluation of several potential targets for pediatric oncology tumors, I was working on a pediatric investigation plan – PIP- submission, and got involved in the iMATRIX atezolizumab phase 1/2 trial). I enjoyed every single day of my fellowship! I got to learn great people and multiple stakeholders (regulatory experts, scientists, pharmacists, biomarker experts, business and operation colleagues) all working hard, with passion and strong commitment to develop and bring the best promising molecules for our young patients suffering with cancer.

For more information about the fellowship @ iPODD/Roche, Dr Bergthold is speaking about Fellowships in Pharma at the SIOP YI education day on Thursday 12th October. Alternatively contact SIOP YI-Net via Twitter, and we will put you in touch. 

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