Hospital Detention Task Force



2 monthly meetings


Saskia Mostert


The SIOP PODC Global Taskforce on Hospital Detention Practices has been established in 2014.

Hospital detention practices may be defined as refusing release of either living patients after medical discharge is clinically indicated or refusing release of bodies of deceased patients if families are unable to pay their hospital bills soma.

The objectives of our Taskforce are to: 1) augment critical awareness, 2) introduce consistent terminology, 3) help reliably map the global scope, 4) elucidate adverse consequences, 5) address root causes, and 6) identify and support implementation of effective solutions to stop hospital detention practices.

Current Activities

  • Review of hospital detention practices worldwide
  • Seek support from international health organizations and NGOs for ending hospital detention of children
  • Consideration of intermediate steps to limit hospital detention of children
  • Survey on Physicians Perspectives on Hospital Detention Practices