Greetings as Spring comes to the Northern Hemisphere and Fall to our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, world events are foremost in our minds as we seek all avenues to support families of children with cancer in the Ukraine moving across Europe and beyond to find safe care. This serves to remind us that many children/adolescents with cancer and survivors live in conflict areas or refugee camps, where access to care is extremely challenging or non-existent. We are always one community bound by a shared goal and extend our support to all.

SIOP continues to address the 2021 Strategic plan, as we streamline our internal governance and strengthen outreach to existing members to become engaged in SIOP action and work throughout the year. Our Membership Committee is exploring strategies to attract new members from all professions who support children and adolescents with cancer worldwide, stay tune for proposals in the works. If you have ideas for reaching new members, please contact Tessie Laub at the Secretariat

Many SIOP Networks are renewing their terms of reference, writing short- and long-term goals for the coming year and beyond and calling for elections for new members of their Steering Groups. Check your membership status so you can be sure to receive information about upcoming elections and the opportunity to nominate yourself or a colleague for these SIOP leadership positions. We seek to have a diverse SIOP leadership structure including professionals from across the global who make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents with cancer and their families, and this includes advocates, scientists and researchers who are so critical to our ability to care for and cure these patients.

SIOP has established a new partnership category, “Strategic Alliance”, and welcomes the iPOG Network as our first example. The iPOG network works to accelerate “the development and incorporation of evidence-based supportive care guidance into standards of care internationally” and is well aligned in synergy with the work of the SIOP Supportive Care Network.

We are all excited about the upcoming SIOP Congress in Barcelona, Spain in September. Please share the details about this exciting return to an in-person event with your colleagues. The SIOP Africa in-person conference in Kampala, Uganda was a big success in March – kudos to Continental President Dr. Joyce Balagadde-Kambugu and her team from the Uganda Cancer Institute! We look forward to a similar success in Barcelona in the fall under the leadership of local organizing committee headed by Dr. Jaume Mora, Scientific Director of the Oncology and Hematology at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

Julia Challinor

Secretary General