Secretary General Report

July 5, 2022


Up-side down or right-side up, the world map is only directionally related to where you find yourself at any one time. Here is a map of the world in correct size ratios and Antarctica at the top, with Australia in the middle top – this is SIOP’s world. As we continue to struggle to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, and manage conflict, climate change and economic uncertainty, let us pause and celebrate the strength of SIOP and all the good that our 2,207 current members are doing across the world.

SIOP has members from 94 countries, and we depend on contributions and efforts from professionals like scientists, clinicians, researchers, statisticians, and caregivers to make a difference for children and AYA with cancer and survivors. Over the last two years, and continuing today, our ability to travel has been curtailed, and Zoom and other online conferences have become a way of life. We plan online, regional and local advocacy initiatives, and speak and collaborate with key partners like the World Health Organization Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer and Childhood Cancer International among others. Our 9 Committees and 7 Networks meet monthly and many are currently restructuring their Steering Groups, while all are reviewing and updating their Terms of Reference to best reach the goals of our SIOP Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

To fulfill our mission to Improve the lives of children and adolescents with cancer through global collaboration, education, training, research and advocacy, we are only as strong as the sum of our members. We meet early in the morning and late at night to include everyone in our work regardless of their geography. SIOP’s 6 Continental Branches are essential to our outreach to include young and seasoned experts in caring for children and AYA with pediatric cancers as far as we can reach.

So, this time of year, wherever you find yourself geographically, please recognize the tremendous power of SIOP members, all volunteers, acting around the clock and around the world, to make life better for all those with childhood cancer and their families, no matter the time or the clock!


Julia Challinor

Secretary General