Dear Members of IPA,

Greetings from the IPA Admin office!

IPA is pleased to announce:

Call for Nominations of IPA President-Elect 2023-2025 and IPA Standing Committee 2023-2025

IPA President-Elect & SC 2023-2025 Election Timeline  Date
Mail regarding the Call for Nomination of the President-Elect and SC members will be sent on 20 June 2022
The last date to receive the nominations for President-Elect and SC members 20 August 2022
The final list of nominated candidates will be declared by email and posted on the IPA Website, social media, and WhatsApp Groups 30 August 2022
Council of Delegates meeting and Elections of IPA President-Elect and SC members for term 2023-2025 in Gandhinagar, India 20-21 February 2022

Nomination Files for President-Elect:

  1. Covering letter from the candidate stating why he/she is interested in serving as IPA President
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Nomination Letters from 3 different IPA member societies in good standing
  4. Duly-filled Conflict of Interest (COI) Form


Nomination Files for Standing Committee:

  1. Covering letter from the candidate stating why he/she is interested in serving as IPA Standing Committee
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Nomination Letter from the respective IPA member society where he/she is a member
  4. Duly-filled Conflict of Interest (COI) Form


Kindly note that the Nomination Files must be received by the IPA Administrative Office ( by the latest on 20 August 2022.


Open Registration for Voting Delegates

  • Please find attached the Voting Delegate Form to fill out and return at the earliest convenience.
    • Please note that to be eligible for voting and elections, a Member Society must have paid membership dues at least for the last two years (2021 and 2022) prior to the Council of Delegates meeting.
  • The Voting Delegate should be officially designated by the IPA member society and he/she must be a member of that IPA member Society. The Voting Delegate cannot represent more than one IPA member society.
    • If it is anyone other than the President, then a Letter of Authority from the society along with photo identity proof must be submitted before the Council of Delegates meeting.
    • Due to valid reasons, if there is any change in the previously Registered Voting Delegate, the President of the Society or his/her chosen substitute (in writing) will be accepted as the Voting Delegate after verification.
  • In those countries with more than one National Member Society, there can only be one national vote. The voting representative is chosen by consensus of the National Societies involved or as the representative of the National Society with the greatest number of members.

To learn about the election process, terms of reference, and the process to submit the nomination of (1) President-Elect 2023-2025, and (2) Standing Committee 2023-2025, including the Registration of Voting Delegates, please find attached:

If any of you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the IPA Admin office (