Dear SIOP friends,

SIOP is calling upon its members to contribute to the mission of the Society and its collaborative work in paediatric oncology education, research and advocacy. SIOP is inviting nominations/self-nominations for the following Board-level position:

  • Advocacy Chair-Elect: the position-holder chairs the SIOP Advocacy Committee and is a member of the SIOP Senior Management Team.

The Advocacy Chair-Elect assumes their “elected” role from their appointment date in early 2023 until October 2023 when their full term as Advocacy Chair begins. The position-holder is invited to attend SIOP Board of Directors and Senior Management Team meetings during their “elected” period as an observer.

The Advocacy Chair-Elect is supported in their advocacy work by the SIOP/SIOPE Director for Policy Affairs.

Candidates are encouraged to review both the Advocacy Committee website and the Terms of Reference of the Advocacy Committee prior to applying.

The Advocacy Committee Chair must be a SIOP member in good standing and fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be an experienced, accredited senior health professional in the field of paediatric oncology (we encourage applications from all disciplines)
  • Have an established track record in education, research and publication
  • Be experienced and competent in childhood cancer healthcare, administrative and advocacy areas
  • Preferably have previous experience at a National/ Regional/International Paediatric Society level
  • Show commitment to and be in a position to sustain reliable communication (especially e-mail) with the SIOP Secretariat
  • Be willing to serve 3 years
  • The position requires substantial commitment of time and energy and consequently, candidates should be willing to commit themselves to the task

Being a SIOP member in good standing means that the candidate has paid their SIOP membership dues at the time of submission of their nomination. If you wish to check your membership status, please contact

Candidates can either self-nominate or be nominated. All candidates are then reviewed by the SIOP Board of Directors. The Advocacy Chair is selected by the SIOP President in consultation with the SIOP Board of Directors. If you nominate someone, please make sure that the proposed candidate is willing to accept the nomination and willing to serve.

Deadline for Nominations: January 13, 2023 (12:00 noon CET)
Result Announcement: The Advocacy Committee Chair-Elect will be announced to the SIOP membership by email within 6 weeks of the close of the nomination process.

Click here to submit a nomination/self-nomination. You will need to attach a CV, a motivation letter and a photo.

SIOP is committed to creating a Board of Directors with a diversity of experience and perspectives, including diversity with respect to ethnicity, age, gender, geography, and areas of expertise.

We look forward to receiving your nominations! We strongly count on your support in helping us shape the future of the Society.

Kind regards,
Julia Challinor

SIOP Secretary-General