Extended Nomination Deadline: March 29, 2021

The Nomination Committee*, has been undertaking the task of proposing candidates to stand in the election by membership for positions on the Society’s Board of Directors.

Having now had the opportunity to review nominations for the  President Elect post, the Nomination Committee has reached a decision that the election process will benefit from extending the nomination period for a further four weeks.

The decision to extend the nomination period should be viewed in light of the unprecedented, difficult time for our membership, many of whom have been focussed on dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic.

The extended deadline for nominations is March 29 (12:00 noon CET).

The term of office will start after the SIOP 2021 Congress (October), serving for one year as President Elect under the guidance of current SIOP President Kathy Pritchard-Jones and take full office at the Annual Business Meeting during the SIOP 2022 Barcelona Congress.

Nominations are an important part of the SIOP governance process, and everyone can contribute—from the newest to most senior members of our society.

A SIOP Board member should fulfill the following criteria

  • Be an experienced, accredited senior health professional in the field of paediatric oncology
  • Have an established track record in education, (teaching), research and publication
  • Be experienced and competent in medical, administrative and political areas
  • Preferably have previous experience at National/ Regional/International Paediatric Society level
  • Show commitment and be in a position to sustain reliable communication (especially e-mail) with the SIOP Office
  • The position of SIOP President requires substantial commitment of time and energy. Consequently candidates should be willing to commit themselves to the task

SIOP President Profile

  • Innovative – has a vision of the future of the Society that they can plan, strategize and execute
  • Good communicator – ability to maintain communication with board members, general membership and SIOP partners
  • Lead SIOP representative – demonstrates leadership, promotion and advocacy, including to other international institutions and bodies
  • Development – ability to attract, develop and maintain relationships (including sponsorship) with other societies, associations, non governmental organizations, industry, and individuals with a common interest in childhood cancer
  • Strong leader – ability to inspire people to action through their influence
  • Chair – all monthly Board of Director meetings  and the Annual Business Meeting during the Congress

Candidates are proposed by a Nominating Committee*, which will receive suggestions from any member of the society with voting rights and in good standing. Please make sure the proposed candidate is a SIOP member in good standing and has accepted their nomination to run for election.

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We look forward to receiving your nominations and your commitment as a member is of vital importance to us.

We strongly count on your support in helping us shape the future of SIOP.

Kind regards,
Julia Challinor
SIOP Secretary General