Fifty-nine Canadian landmarks will be lit gold this September to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month for the Foundation’s #MakeCanadaGold campaign. Additionally, kids and families impacted by childhood cancer will be honoured with the #HeroPoseChallenge, where participating social media users post themselves in the Hero Pose using the campaign hashtag. Childhood Cancer Canada today also launched Giphy stickers to compliment the #MakeCanadaGold and #HeroPoseChallenge campaigns and a Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Facebook Frame.

“About one in five children diagnosed will not survive cancer and this number actually increases beyond five years”, said Sandi Hancox, Executive Director (Interim) of Childhood Cancer Canada. “Although outcomes are positive overall, some diagnoses are difficult to treat or have low cure rates, and many treatments lead to long-term health issues for survivors. September is an opportunity to remind Canadians that there is still more work to be done to improve outcomes for kids with cancer in Canada.”

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