Every day more than 1000 children are diagnosed with cancer. This represents a life-changing journey for families all over the world.

Childhood cancer is curable for the vast majority of children when essential diagnostic, therapeutic and supportive care services are accessible. However, profound inequalities in outcomes exist within and between countries with as few as 20% or 30% of children living in low- and middle-income countries surviving.

The Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer Overview document presents the CureAll approach to support governments, partners and communities achieve the best possible cancer care for all children. This approach, summarized as four pillars of action supported by three enablers, will improve the care for children with cancer around the world.

The Initiative brings together stakeholders from around the world and across sectors with the joint goal of increasing the survival rate at least by 60% by 2030 while reducing suffering and improving quality of life for children with cancer globally.

This Overview document reminds us: if we act now, “All hands in”, we can save one million lives over the next decade.

Download summary booklet here