Retinoblastoma (Rb) survival rate has improved significantly in recent years in high-income countries, but remain guarded in low- and middle-income countries, where the majority of global Rb disease burden lies. A significant factor, playing a pivotal role in this disparity, is the disease stage at which children present to local Rb centers.

To address this issue in a global scale, a network was formed, including clinicians from all across the world dedicated to the management of Rb, and a study titled Global Retinoblastoma Presentation 2017 was designed. The aim of this retrospective analysis is to document the presentation mode of treatment-naïve Rb patients that presented to local centers during 2017. Currently there are over 3,000 patients enrolled, which represent nearly 1/2 of the estimated global incidence of Rb during a calendar year.

The data were submitted by 200 Rb centers from 130 countries from all continents (see map below and also visit to view a live map).
Figure: Centers that have confirmed participation (red) and submitted data (blue).
If you are treating children with Rb, and not yet on board our global collaboration, we invite you to join us.
Deadline for data submission is 31 December 2018.
If interested, please contact Didi Fabian at for further details.Ido Didi Fabian, MD
Global Retinoblastoma Presentation 2017 Study, Principal Investigator
Retinoblastoma Research Network
International Centre for Eye Health
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine