It is an honor and a privilege for us to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a man like Alfred Knudson, who on July 10, 2016, at the age of 93, passed away. His observations on the genetic bases of the different incidence patterns of retinoblastoma by age of onset informed scientific thought in the latter 20th century. His tremendous scientific contributions opened entirely new and very fertile fields.

They were richly rewarded by many national and international honors, prizes and medals. The world of Science and particularly Pediatric Oncology is in his debt for all he did to advance our knowledge and understanding of  childhood cancer and its etiology. We also remember and celebrate his humanity.  He became famous for his kindness, his attention and concern for the individual and his availability to talk, share and inspire ideas and projects. We also cannot, separate his image from that of his wife, Anna Meadows, a world-famous pediatric oncologist. Their presence enlivened and enriched many SIOP meetings.

The SIOP Board on behalf of the entire Pediatric Oncology Community that this Society represents sends this message of sympathy and condolence to Dr. Meadows.  We deeply share her sorrow and bereavement in this difficult moment.