Dear friends and colleagues,
After many years of preparation, planning, collaboration and the tireless efforts of the SIOP Global Advocacy Committee under the leadership of Dr Gabriele Calaminus, we announce with great excitement that theInternational Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) is now in official relations with the WHO as a non-state actor.
The application and three-year work plan (2018 – 2020) were approved during the recent 142nd session of the WHO Executive Board held in Geneva (Switzerland) from 22–27 January 2018 and this new mandate provides SIOP with unique opportunities, privileges and responsibilities.
SIOP will have a presence at WHO meetings and collaborate within the rich network of WHO partners.
SIOP Advocacy Landmark Event I 68th World Health Assembly, 18 May 2015
(from left to right: Fritz Pleitgen, Gabriele Calaminus, Giorgio Perilongo and Ralf Herold)
As a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), SIOP has committed to contribute substantially to WHO activities according to the agreed and accepted working plan by:

1. Providing technical inputs on follow-up of regional/national workshops, local stakeholders workplans, and advocacy;
2. Supporting programmes that address competencies for childhood cancer control by disseminating WHO guidance and using the robust SIOP network; 
3. Conducting advocacy activities to improve access to essential medicines and medical technologies, by performing a situational analysis, identifying barriers and supporting implementation of programmes in select countries;

SIOP is now a step further in placing the fight against Childhood and Adolescent Cancer on the Global Agenda and making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families worldwide.
The SIOP Global Advocacy Committee thanks the SIOP community and all partners for their continuous support during the application process.
We look forward to using this opportunity to expand our work together to improve the global situation for children with cancer.With our best wishes,

Dr Eric Bouffet (President) & Dr Gabriele Calaminus (Head, Global Advocacy)