New comprehensive guidelines for paediatric oncology surgery have today been published in ecancer by the International Society of Paediatric Surgical Oncology (IPSO).

IPSO is the leading organisation that deals with paediatric surgical oncology worldwide. This organisation allows experts in the field from around the globe to gather and address the surgical needs of children with cancer.

It is important for surgeons to adhere to sound paediatric surgical oncology principles, as they are closely associated with improved local control and survival. With this in mind, IPSO members have written comprehensive surgical guidelines including the various paediatric tumour types with the goal to provide surgical information for the management of paediatric cancer across different economic climates.

The guidelines have been developed by authors from both High Income Countries and Lower and Middle Income Countries, and have been further validated by experts in the respective fields with the aim of providing evidence-based information for surgeons who care for children with cancer.

These guidelines include information on the care and treatment of children with malignancies, including making a diagnosis, obtaining adequate venous access, performing a surgical resection for solid tumours (with staging and reconstruction), performing procedures for cancer prevention and its late effects, and managing complications of treatment; all with the goal of improving survival and quality of life.

It is IPSO’s hope that this initiative will benefit children worldwide in the best way possible.

Read the guidelines here (open access):