« The Passport of Friendship » is a musical project interpreted by the “Trio ILTA” and created by the french non profit organization “La Pédiatrie Enchantée”. It is a 13 world music’s songs offered to hospitalized children and teenagers around the world. The purpose of the “Passport of Friendship” project is to unite children from different backgrounds through music during their hospitalization.

Beyond the benefits of music, the aim is to create bonds between children from different cultures and origins. To do so, we invite the nursing staff and children to discover the CD. And we invite them to share with us a message of friendship that would be a photo, a drawing, a poem or any other sorts of artistic creations. The creations can be shared with us by email, within our Facebook page or by mail.

At the end, we would like to collect all these messages into a large collective piece of work!

To contact « La Pédiatrie Enchantée » :

E-mail: contact@amikopass.com
Website : https://www.amikopass.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmikoPass/
Mail: Association La Pédiatrie Enchantée – 8 rue de la Côte – 57050 LE BAN SAINT-MARTIN – France
Phone: + 33 387 55 34 40