The Young Investigators committee at SIOP (SIOPYI-NET) is very excited to announce the re-launch of the young investigator blog to share their experiences in paediatric oncology: the SIOPYI-NET blog.
A lot of work has taken place behind the scenes to improve our blog: the blog has a brand new design to facilitate its use. it is open access and you can easily subscribe by email to keep up-to-date.

The members of the SIOPYI-NET will post about work and private life issues they face as researchers and clinicians in pediatric oncology. The posts will be written by young investigators currently working in different backgrounds (epidemiologists, clinicians, researchers etc) and countries, including low and middle income countries.

Do not forget to keep an eye on the posts, comment and share with your colleagues!
Only with your help we can build an international online platform for networking and collaboration in paediatric oncology! Visit the blog