Sanofi Espoir and SIOP reinforce commitment to improving the lives of children affected by cancer

Paris, 25 January 2018 – The Sanofi Espoir Foundation and the SIOP (International Society for Pediatric Oncology) signed a Memorandum of Understanding today to establish their collaboration to increase the level of care for children affected by cancer in low and middle-income countries. The memorandum forms the basis of a strategic long-term partnership between the two organizations to roll out joint initiatives related to the My Child Matters program.

“The Sanofi Espoir Foundation welcomes this deeper and stronger partnership with the SIOP on an international scale. Although we have been working in the same direction for several years now, the signing of this agreement marks our mutual commitment to work on common projects with a similar vision so that every child with cancer has the same chances of recovery wherever they live,” said Xavier Darcos, President of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation.

“Over time, one major focus of SIOP has been the care of children with cancer in countries with limited resources. The restructuring of the PODC (Paediatric Oncology in Developing Countries) program created an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between SIOP and Sanofi Espoir, and this MoU will consolidate this very successful collaboration”, said Dr Eric Bouffet, President, SIOP.

Every year, more than 215,000 children around the world are confronted with cancer and at least 90,000 of them will die from the disease. The five-year survival rate for children diagnosed with cancer in developed countries is 80% when it is only close to 20% in low-resource countries (even to 10% in the world’s poorest countries).

About My Child Matters

My Child Matters was launched in 2006 to give children with cancer the same chance at access to care, regardless of where they live. The program provides financial support, aid from international experts, mentor/mentee programs at the local level, and networking for project developers to share experiences and best practices. My Child Matters contributes to building capacity at the local level in different ways, among others:

  • Training healthcare professionals
  • Creating and disseminating relevant information about childhood cancer (including cancer registries and epidemiologic data)
  • Encouraging earlier detection
  • Improving access to treatment and care

Since My Child Matters was set up in 2006, 55 projects in 42 countries have contributed to train 20,000 healthcare professionals and treat over 75,000 children

About Sanofi Espoir Foundation

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation was created in October 2010 to consolidate more than 20 years of commitment to national and international solidarity. Its mission is to contribute to reducing health inequalities among populations that need it most by applying a socially responsible approach. In addition to the coordination of the humanitarian emergencies, the Foundation acts in the long term in three areas: Fighting childhood cancer in low and middle income countries, improving maternal and newborn health, improving access to healthcare for the most vulnerable populations in France.

About SIOP

Established in 1969, the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP), with over 1500 members, is the lead organization concerned with the issues of children and young people who have cancer. The society envisions that “no child should die of cancer.”  To realize this vision, SIOP’s mission are to: (1) ensure that each child and young adult with cancer has access to state-of-the-art treatment and care; (2) ensure that all involved in childhood cancer worldwide, have access to the latest progress through meetings, networking, and continuing professional development; (3) support those caring for children and young adults with cancer to provide the best curative and palliative therapies; and, (4) advocate for appropriate long-term follow-up for children and young adults after treatment for cancer. Dr. Eric Bouffet is the current president of SIOP. SIOP is governed by a board of directors and has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.