Dear Friends and Colleagues,

SIOP stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the healthcare workers caring for children and adolescents with cancer and all others supporting patients and their families, or affected by the widespread violence and destruction caused by the Russian military invasion.

We hear from our members in Ukraine that they are working in the hospital 24|7 and are trying their utmost to continue to care for the children and adolescents with cancer, but their patients are suffering from staying in underground shelters during chemotherapy.

SIOP and the International Paediatric Oncology Community calls for the protection of healthcare workers, their patients, and families in accordance with the Geneva Convention and international regulations. When military action creates a humanitarian crisis, healthcare workers are placed directly in danger on the frontlines and children suffer the most.

In the face of this crisis, we are currently working with our partners from SIOP Europe and Childhood Cancer International (CCI Europe) to determine, how we can help our members on the ground by serving as a point of contact to identify centers that can provide care to children and adolescents with cancer from the Ukraine in bordering countries.

This action reflects SIOP’s vision that “no child should die of cancer: cure for more, care for all” based on our common values, tireless commitment, and dedication towards our patients and their families.

We hope that this extremely volatile situation, and its foreboding and unpredictable consequences, can soon be defused and that the Ukrainian people will be free to determine their own future.

To the citizens of the Ukraine and our friends, members, colleagues, their families, and patients in the Ukraine:

We are with you in our thoughts and send you courage.

Thank you.

Prof Kathy Pritchard-Jones, SIOP President

On behalf of the SIOP Board of Directors, our members and community