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Thank you to Mark Zobeck and the team of  Global Health & Childhood Cancer for producing and hosting our Baseline Standard Podcasts!

About GHCC

Global Health and Childhood Cancer is a podcast that exists to discuss the ideas in global health that can save the lives of kids with cancer.  GHCC will serve as a platform for leaders with a diverse range of expertise – from medicine and public health to economics, law, political science, anthropology and more – to discuss how advancements in global health and development can apply to global oncology.

Think of GHCC as an ongoing discussion about one of the most intractable problems in global health: how to provide complex medical care in resource-constrained settings. We will explore this problem through the lens of childhood cancer, but the insights we discuss can be applied to many complex or chronic diseases. So whether you are interested in cancer or other areas of global health, you will find useful insights in your own life and work.

To put it simply, through these conversations we hope to bring you new perspectives about global health and highlight the possible solutions to the biggest problems in the field.

GHCC is produced by the members of, an organization which exists to promote global childhood cancer education.  Find our website at