The SIOP Global Mapping Programme has the potential to benefit everyone, especially the children and adolescents for whom we care.

The main objective of this effort is to collect information on the current landscape of paediatric oncology services around the world, and the resources available in each individual country.

We are reaching out to leadership in hospitals and institutions around the world. If you receive a request to register on Resonance and enter data for your hospital please do so. Answering questions regarding childhood cancer services in your facility should take less than 10 minutes of your time.


  • Create a baseline of the current paediatric oncology resources available in each country. This will help SIOP and international, regional and national stakeholders in their respective childhood cancer advocacy.
  • Provide and maintain accurate information about every hospital or institution that treats children/adolescents with cancer. This is of benefit to locally, regionally, and nationally and for SIOP members, e.g., for patient referrals or research outreach.
  • Provide a network of resources to help develop collaborations between institutions and networks.
  • Maintain on online map showing where each hospital or institution that treats children/adolescents with cancer is located. Having your hospital or medical centre displayed on the map is optional.

We will publish the results and share the findings with other interested stakeholders at SIOP. We will not identify participants by name or by hospital/institution. We will only report data by country.

Steering Committee

Dr Guillermo Chantada (Argentina)

Lead, Latin America Data Collection
SIOP President

Dr Julia Challinor (USA)

SIOP Secretary General

Dr Eric Bouffet (Canada)

SIOP Past President

Mr Neil Ranasinghe (UK)

SIOP Global Health Network Member

Dr Rashmi Dalvi (India)

Lead, Asia Data Collection
Past SIOP Asia Continental President

Dr Jennifer Geel (South Africa)

Lead, Africa Data Collection

Prof Kathy Pritchard-Jones (UK)

SIOP Immediate Past President

Dr Scott Howard (USA)

Platform Provider & Technical Support
CEO Resonance Health

Mapping Platform

The SIOP Global Mapping Programme and data is now being held and managed on Resonance’s secure site – https://resonancehealth.org/



The SIOP Global Mapping Programme is being supported by Sanofi Foundation S (former Sanofi Espoir Foundation)


Questions & Contact

Please see the FAQs  for more information or email info@siop-online.org or support@resonancehealth.org.