Chair and Steering Group

Elianeth A. Kiteni, RN, BScN, PGD M&E, MSc ON (Tanzania)


Dee Ann Omatsu (USA)

Local Organizing Committee Representative

The SIOP Nursing Network is a global community of SIOP paediatric oncology nurse members and other health professionals representing 75+ countries. We aspire toward a world where all children and adolescents with cancer have access to and receive specialised nursing care. To achieve this vision, we are committed to the mission of advancing the quality of nursing care of children and adolescents with cancer and their families across the care continuum through global collaboration, education, training, research, and advocacy. The 2023-2027 SIOP Nursing Network Strategic Plan sets the network’s vision, mission, core values, and strategic goals for the next five years. Our ultimate goal is to support an active year-round nursing community where everyone has a place, a voice, and an opportunity to get involved and connected. We also aim to spotlight nurses’ activities in various networks and committees across the Society and intercontinentally.

SIOP Nursing Network’s Steering Group:

  • The Steering Group is the elected decision-making body of the SIOP Nursing Network, representing nurses within the Society and bringing forward recommendations and/or requests to the SIOP Board of Directors in nursing-related matters.
  • Members oversee coordination of the annual SIOP Nursing Congress Programme and Nursing Network-related activities, strategic directions, working groups, and initiatives. The Steering Group promotes opportunities for nursing collaboration and involvement across the Society and beyond.

SIOP Nursing Network:

  • Nursing Network members have access to benefits such as participating in the annual congress, scholarships, working groups, committees, initiatives, social media communities and other professional development opportunities.

Join This Network

You can join this Network and any other SIOP Network/Working Group by logging into SIOP CONNECT, going to GROUP, clicking on the Network/Working Group Name and then clicking on the JOIN button. For detailed guidance, please see this page with SIOP CONNECT Frequently Asked Questions. Once you join, you will start receiving all their communications, including future engagement and networking opportunities.