Developed through a highly-consultative, collaborative approach, the SIOP Strategy 2021-2025 describes the practical steps that SIOP and its members will take towards achieving our vision that no child should die of cancer – Cure for more, Care for all. By implementing this Strategy, SIOP will deliver on our mission to improve the lives of children and adolescents with cancer through global education, education, training, research and advocacy. Watch the 2-minute Video summary of the Strategy.

Watch Kathy Pritchard-Jones, SIOP President, talk about the new Strategy.


Goal 1: Advocating Globally for Children and Adolescents with Cancer

To meet this goal, SIOP will:

  • Develop and share advocacy and technical expertise to improve childhood cancer services
  • Promote enabling policies and arguments for resource allocation to childhood cancer
  • Foster international commitments and build SIOP’s visibility

Goal 2: Promoting Research to Improve Outcomes for Patients

To meet this goal, SIOP will:

  • Facilitate childhood cancer research collaborations
  • Disseminate knowledge of key childhood cancer research findings and recognise research excellence through scholarships, prize lectures and awards
  • Identify gaps in current research and evidence base regarding childhood cancer incidence, biology and treatment in LMICs, and promote research to address these gaps

Goal 3: Providing Education and Training

To meet this goal, SIOP will:

  • Improve early detection with creation and dissemination of relevant guidance
  • Share educational and training opportunities
  • Create online educational material and repositories

Goal 4: Increasing Membership and Engagement

To meet this goal, SIOP will:

  • Understand trends in membership over time
  • Broaden membership to include more members from other disciplines and from every continent
  • Increase membership in the YI category
  • Create more opportunities for member engagement in SIOP’s work
  • Enhance communications, including in languages other than English

Goal 5: Strengthen and Expand Strategic Partnerships

To meet this goal, SIOP will:

  • Work in close partnership with WHO
  • Develop and consolidate strategic partner- ships with childhood cancer healthcare providers who have extensive outreach programmes
  • Strengthen partnership working with parents and survivors
  • Develop other strategic partnerships (e.g. donors, industry, academia)


Download Strategy: SIOP Strategy 2021-2025

PowerPoint Presentation: SIOP Strategy 2021-2025 PPT

Flyer: SIOP’s Vision, Mission, Goals

YouTube: Whiteboard Video