Chair: Francois Doz

Committee Members: Erin Peckham Gregory, Claudia Sampor, Joyce Kambugu, Lorena Segovia, Trisha Soosayraj, Maya Prasad, Liz Sniderman, Scott Moerdler

Education and training are some of the key reasons for pediatric oncology providers to join SIOP. SIOP members strive to expand their medical and scientific knowledge on paediatric cancer through a number of means: attending the SIOP’s Annual Congresses and meetings of its continental branches, accessing educational resources on the SIOP website including learning modules on SIOP knowledge centre and treatment protocols, and updating their knowledge about recently published articles through SOSIDO digest listserv, etc.

The SIOP Education & Training Committee spearheads the work on Goal 3 of the SIOP Strategy 2021-2025 (Providing Education and Training), and strives to make opportunities for continued education and training for the entire SIOP community.