Policy for review of educational events or series at least 2 months prior to being held:

  • Supported by appropriate continental branch
  • At least one SIOP member on the organizing committee preferred
  • Evidence of engagement with a relevant SIOP governance structure (Board, Networks, working groups or ad hoc groups of SIOP) who must also attest to the appropriateness/quality of the content
  • Content is consistent with the SIOP vision and mission
  • Declare source of funding and sponsors, if any, (please be advised: no tobacco, alcohol, gambling, or sugar funded events will be approved)
  • Requests must be submitted no later than two months prior to the event

What we review

  • Review whether a request is an appropriate event to be badged with SIOP name
  • Event organising committee must include one or more SIOP members
  • Endorsement by SIOP Continental Branch is noted on the request
  • If CMEs are being sought by the event organisers, this is also noted on the request


  • Request for event endorsement form is available online
  • Requests are received by the SIOP Secretariat and placed in line for monthly Publication & Endorsement Committee meetings (second Friday of each month)
  • Log of requests is maintained by SIOP Office
  • Events submitted for endorsement by the Publication & Endorsement Committee via SIOP Office
  • Committee meets monthly on the second Friday of each month
  • Requests for review must be received 7 days in advance of the monthly meeting to be considered that month
  • Fast-track review can be requested during the online submission process
  • Responses will be sent right after the committee meeting, unless clarification is required

Online Submission Form

To apply, please complete and submit our online form by using the button below.