The purpose of the SIOP Membership Committee is to increase the number, professional diversity and retention of SIOP members, and to increase the engagement of our members in the work of the Society.

Julia Challinor


Liliana Vasquez


SIOP was created to support its members and reinforce the collaboration and networking amongst members. In its core, SIOP is a members’ organization: it exists to serve its members.

Membership is a key source of revenue and (volunteer) leadership for the Society. Member contributions, engagement and leadership are essential for SIOP to exist and flourish. As such, the society needs to nurture and grow its membership and provide opportunities for members to interact with and learn from each other both through in-person and virtual events.

To deliver against its Strategy Goal 4 “Increasing Membership and Engagement,” SIOP has established the Membership Committee, ToR.

Members of the Membership Committee are drawn from the SIOP Continents, specific Networks and two positions from the general membership. At this time, there are no open positions, but keep track of your SIOP announcements for future requests for nominations.