Dear SIOP members and colleagues,

I write this welcome message to our Summer newsletter whilst at the SIOP Renal Tumours Study Group annual meeting in Sevilla, Spain, causing me to reflect on the very positive role our society has played in supporting multinational collaboration in research and care over more than 50 years.  Long may this continue!

Our forthcoming congress in Barcelona will showcase the most recent advances and provide the first opportunity for meeting face to face in nearly 3 years.  You can expect the networking energy on site to be electric and there will also be the opportunity to participate virtually. Please remember the next deadline – late-breaking abstract submission 15 August.

The SIOP board of directors met for two days in early June to review progress with delivery of our current strategy, with many successes that you can read about in this newsletter.  We agreed to the request from several members to create a new Women Leaders of Paediatric Oncology (WLPO) Network that will promote female leadership in paediatric oncology and camaraderie among female professionals in global health.  The WLPO Network welcomes participation from all interested parties regardless of gender to inform outputs and actions. Please sign up to the LinkedIn group if interested.

We continue to strengthen our strategic partnerships. We will work with the newly launched Sanofi Foundation S in several areas (congress support, nursing and other projects).  Our ambitious PARC project – to advance clinical research capacity in LMICs – has been launched with enthusiastic commitment from our members to guide the process and a generous donation from Amazon, with other several other stakeholders interested in supporting this initiative.

Our collaboration with the WHO cancer team and St Jude Global ensures alignment of our efforts to produce adapted management guidelines for clinicians through the ARIA project, with the WHO Technical Briefs aimed at governments wishing to address the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer (GICC) childhood cancer. Dr. Jeannette Parkes, South Africa, chairs the ARIA steering committee and Dr Roberta Ortiz has joined as the WHO observer.  Thank you to both.

SIOP made full advantage of our status as a Non-State Actor in official relations with the WHO to make two statements at the recent 75th World Health Assembly, in May 2022 (view our statements here).

Following our Spring elections, we welcome Alan Davidson as Treasurer-elect, Prof Rejin Kebudi as Secretary General – elect and Saghir Khan to a second term as LMIC co-chair of the Global Health Network.

We look forward to welcoming many of you to the SIOP congress in Barcelona and to continuing our year round work to support all our members.

Kathy Pritchard-Jones, SIOP President

on behalf of the SIOP Board of Directors