Chair and Steering Group

Jonathan Fisher (UK)

Steering Group Member

Sarah Cohen-Gogo (Canada)

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Stephanie Pons (USA)

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Erin Peckham-Gregory (USA)

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Young SIOP 2021 Educational Day

2021 Young SIOP Network Expert Lunch 

The Young SIOP Network Expert ‘Lunch’ is by far our most popular event.

Every year, we ask Experts from a range of disciplines to host their own table. Each table has a theme and the event provides an opportunity for attendees and experts to meet and discuss topics informally.

This year we have the following Experts attending the event:

  • Professor Marianne van de Wetering is hosting our Supportive Care ‘table’
  • Dr. Cynthia Gerhardt is hosting our Psycho-oncology ‘table’
  • Dr. Louise Soanes is hosting our Adolescent and Young Adults ‘table’
  • Professor Leontien Kremer is hosting our Survivorship and Late Effects ‘table’
  • Dr. Ligia Fu is hosting our Paediatric Oncology in Developing Countries (PODC) ‘table’
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Rutkowski is hosting our Brain Tumors ‘table’
  • Dr. Stephen Hunger is hosting our Leukaemia ‘table’
  • Dr. Hal Siden is hosting our Palliative Care ‘table’
  • Dr. Jeffrey Dome is hosting our Kidney Tumors ‘table’
  • Dr. Abha Gupta is hosting our Sarcoma ‘table’
  • Dr. David Malkin is hosting our Cancer Genetics ‘table’
  • Dr. Wade Kyono is hosting our Cancer Treatment in Disparate Communities ‘table’

The Young SIOP Network Expert Lunch will take place on
Thursday, October 21st, 2021, from 12pm – 13:30pm EDT.

Register here*

*you must be registered for the virtual congress to attend the Expert Lunch free of charge

Young SIOP Network - This is Who We Are!

Young SIOP Member Dora Correia Shares Her Reflections about the Young SIOP Network



In close collaboration with the SIOP Executive board, Young SIOP Network aims to:

  • Integrate the interests of young investigators within the SIOP objectives
  • Provide an online platform for networking and collaboration amongst international young investigators
  • Reach out to other young investigators to promote active involvement of young investigators in SIOP
  • Develop and implement sessions in the SIOP congresses directed to young investigators


The Young SIOP Network represents the interests of young investigators in the field of paediatric oncology. The Network provides a platform for young investigators to develop research and scientific skills, and facilitates an international research network with other young investigators in paediatric oncology.

What is Young SIOP?

We are often asked “what is a Young SIOP member?”. This has now been clarified within our terms of reference and we are happy to confirm that a young SIOP member is any SIOP member under the age of 40 years*, from any clinical or academic background, and no postgraduate qualifications are necessary (*if the potential member is able to demonstrate that they have been away from the field, for example, for a career break, carers or parental leave or long-term sick leave, this will be taken into account when considering the upper age limit).