The YOUNG SIOP NETWORK is an international multidisciplinary network of  any SIOP members under the age of 40 years*, from any clinical or academic background, and no postgraduate qualifications are necessary


October 10, 2014



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Chair and Steering Group

Jonathan Fisher (UK)

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Sarah Cohen-Gogo (Canada)

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Stephanie Pons (USA)

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Erin Peckham-Gregory (USA)

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Latest News

Young SIOP Network Contribution for the SIOP Newsletter – Spring 2021

Young SIOP Network Update for the SIOP Newsletter – October 2020


News from the YI Social Media committee – March 2020

The YI social media/blog committee consists this year of five members and spreads over ten different time zones!  The committee is responsible for all of  YI’s communication on social media – we run


Twitter @SIOPYI_Network

Linked In accounts.

We also have a dedicated YI blog ( that has been quite active since the beginning of 2020. We welcome any ideas for new posts! Every voice is important and we want to help with making you heard.

Our aims for this coming year are to strengthen our presence (the pediatric haem/onc community on Twitter is a great one!) on social media and to keep on bringing meaningful content through the blog.

Please reach out to us, retweet us, like us – we are happy to be the SIOP Young Investigators’ antennas on the web!

News from the YI Education Day committee – March 2020

The Young Investigator (YI) Education Day Committee is excited to share that we have made great progress finalizing the YI Education Day Program (Wednesday 14th October 2020) for the 2020 SIOP Congress. We have scheduled eight talks and have increased the capacity of our Expert lunch to include twelve expert tables this year. Talks this year cover a vast range of topics, including: How to Get Involved in International Big Database Research, Seeking Mentorship over Distance, and An Introduction to Immunotherapy. We are thrilled to have invited a diverse group of speakers and Experts to share their knowledge and insight with YIs. We look forward to circulating the full programme and booking information for the Expert Lunch soon. At our YIS Education day in 2019 we had a record 175 YIs from 44 countries attend, we look forward to beating this record in 2020!

News from the YI Collaborative Event committee-March 2020

The SIOP YI Collaborative committee are currently looking secure a venue for the collaborative event in Ottawa. There are several options that we are investigating in order to achieve our goals of having an event space conducive for networking that is also within reasonable distance to the Shaw Center. Watch our YI social media for confirmation of the date /venue and information about how to book your spot at this very popular YI event.

News from the YI Engagement Committee- March 2020

 The aim of the YI engagement committee is to facilitate more engagement of YIs in both the international society and continental branches and increase the impact of YIs across the SIOP committees. In this newsletter we’re delighted to highlight our YI awards. These awards are designed to give Young Investigators, working in the field of paediatric oncology, the opportunity to present their original research at the SIOP Annual Meeting. Winners a free registration for the SIOP congress, €1500 towards their travel, and a two-year SIOP membership. The upper age limit for applicants is 40 years old, however, this limit is flexible and if a YI has been away from research (e.g. for a career break, parental leave or long-term sick leave for example), we’ll take this into account when we consider each application. More information is available here:


Young SIOP Network - This is Who We Are!



In close collaboration with the SIOP Executive board, Young SIOP Network aims to:

  • Integrate the interests of young investigators within the SIOP objectives
  • Provide an online platform for networking and collaboration amongst international young investigators
  • Reach out to other young investigators to promote active involvement of young investigators in SIOP
  • Develop and implement sessions in the SIOP congresses directed to young investigators


The Young SIOP Network represents the interests of young investigators in the field of paediatric oncology. The Network provides a platform for young investigators to develop research and scientific skills, and facilitates an international research network with other young investigators in paediatric oncology.

What is a SIOP YI?

We are often asked “what is a Young Investigator?”. This has now been clarified within our terms of reference and we are happy to confirm that a young investigator is any SIOP member or associate member under the age of 40 years*, from any clinical or academic background, and no postgraduate qualifications are necessary (*if the potential member is able to demonstrate that they have been away from the field, for example, for a career break, carers or parental leave or long-term sick leave, this will be taken into account when considering the upper age limit).

Join us!

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New Members under 40 will receive a 2 year membership for € 80 (€ 40 per year). This membership category is not renewable. This membership is targeted at Young Investigators who have an exclusive or predominant interest in the clinical, laboratory, epidemiologic, or other research application to the field of childhood cancer.

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