The SIOP Global Health Network (GHN) works on the development of childhood cancer care and better paediatric oncology outcomes in countries with low levels of access and care. Over the last three decades, the GHN has emerged as a very important stakeholder through the provision of various educational, research and advocacy opportunities to its members.

Structure of Global Health Network

The GHN  has programme activities organized in the following Working Groups:

Adolescents and Young Adults Ruzanna Papyan (Armenia) Gabriela Villanueva (Argentina)
Palliative Care Michael McNeil (USA) Ulku Miray Yildirim (Turkey)
Partnerships Cesar Nunez (USA) Nita Radhakrishnan (India)
Psychosocial Wellbeing Nicole Schneider (USA) Aayushi Khaneja (India)
PROS LMIC Njoki Njiraini (Kenya) Bilal Qureshi (Pakistan)
Traditional & Complementary Medicine Ahmed Farrag (Germany) Mohammad Alqudimat (Canada)
Research and Innovation Caitlyn Duffy (USA) Venkatraman Radhakrishnan (India)