PROS LMIC taskforce





The Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society (PROS) was established in 2007 as a global network of providers dedicated for improving the quality of radiotherapy in children diagnosed with cancer. Radiation oncologists treating children in low and middle income countries (LMIC) face special challenges, including lack of resources, lack of opportunities for advancing education and training, lack of mentorships and collaborations, lack of treatment guidelines and lack of research. PROS LMIC is both a portfolio of the PROS exco and has been a working group within PODC since 2012.(Now SIOP global health network). PROS LMIC aims to aid radiotherapy resource optimising in LMIC, to work on projects aimed at increasing access and quality of radiotherapy for children and adolescents in LMIC, and to empower providers from LMIC through education, mentorship, advocacy and evidence-based protocol use.
PROS LMIC initiatives to date include
• Free membership for providers from LMIC (as per World Bank categorization) and
• Reduced membership fees for providers from higher-middle income countries.
• Online forums for professional networking and case discussions.
• LMIC workshops and symposia during biennial congresses
LMIC contouring workshops at regional SIOP meetings
Endorsement and support of Paediatric radiotherapy workshops in LMIC.
Engagement with WHO, IAEA, PROS, SIOP projects involved with improvement of paediatric radiotherapy services in LMIC
Engagement and collaboration with other working groups

Current Activities

Involvement in WHO GICC working groups (WG 2b and 3c)
Involvement in IAEA handbook on paediatric radiotherapy
Involvement with St Jude global/SIOP/PROS/IPSO on ARIA adapted management guidelines (AMG)
Involvement with SIOP global mapping project
Advocacy and educational projects regionally with introduction of video-linked tumour boards, peer review planning and teaching


Recent publications

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Global pediatric radiation therapy in resource‐limited settings. Recent publications