Njoki Njiraini (Kenya)

Radiation oncologists treating children in low and middle income countries (LMIC) face special challenges, including lack of resources, lack of opportunities for advancing education and training, lack of mentorships and collaborations, lack of treatment guidelines and lack of research. The GHN PROS LMIC Working Group (WG) aims to aid radiotherapy resource optimising in LMIC, to work on projects aimed at increasing access and quality of radiotherapy for children and adolescents in LMIC, and to empower providers from LMIC through education, mentorship, advocacy and evidence-based protocol use.

PROS LMIC WG initiatives to date include:

  • Online forums for professional networking
  • LMIC workshops and symposia during SIOP Annual Congresses
  • LMIC contouring workshops at regional SIOP meetings
  • Engagement and collaboration with other Global Health Network’s Working Groups

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