PROS LMIC taskforce





The Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society (PROS) was established in 2007 as a global network of providers dedicated to improving the quality of radiotherapy in children diagnosed with cancer. Radiation oncologists treating children in low and middle income countries (LMIC) face special challenges, including lack of opportunities for advancing education and training, lack of mentorships and collaborations. PROS aims to empower providers from LMIC through education, mentorship, and advocacy.

PROS initiatives to date include

• Free membership for providers from LMIC (as per World Bank categorization) and
• Reduced membership fees for providers from higher-middle income countries.
• Online forums for professional networking and case discussions.
• Special LMIC workshops and symposia during biennial congresses
• Other educational programs are planned and pending collaboration with other organizations.

Going forward, the PROS LMIC taskforce aims to improve pediatric radiation oncology in LMIC through collaboration with each of the existing SIOP PODC groups:

• Abandonment of Radiation Treatment
• Adapted Radiation Therapy Regimens
• Palliative Radiation Therapy
• Supportive Care During Radiation Therapy
• Nutrition During Radiation Therapy
• Radiation Therapy Nursing
• Patient, Family, and Stakeholder Engagement in Radiation Therapy
• Twinning, Collaboration & Support Among Pediatric Radiation Oncologists
• Education and Training of Pediatric Radiation Oncologists
• Essential Drugs During Radiation Therapy
• Psycho-social Distress During Radiation Therapy
• Integrative Medicine with Radiation Therapy

Current Activities

Recent publications

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