Bilal Mazhar Qureshi

Bilal Mazhar Qureshi

Bilal Mazhar Qureshi is working as a Pediatric Radiation Oncologist at the Aga Khan University

(AKU) Karachi, Pakistan. He is an Assistant Professor, Head of Radiation Oncology Section and Co-Chair of Radiation Protection Committee of AKU which is a Joint Commission International Accredited (JCIA) hospital and a professional medical education facility renowned for its educational leadership role in the region. He is a member of Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology (PSPO)  and has been Radiation Oncology lead for national protocols for Hodgkins Lymphoma, Wilms Tumor, ALL, Retinoblastoma and CNS tumors.

As a member of PROS from a developing country, Bilal has been working with SIOP-PODC working group of radiotherapy with PROS-LMIC committee. He has contributed to projects aiming to enhance peer review and quality of radiation therapy in developing countries and has published on it. He works upon bringing a positive change with ‘Zero Dollar Investment’ and has presented at different conferences. Along with his team, he has organized pediatric radiotherapy planning workshops at various centers in Pakistan. As part of My Child Matters Project of Capacity Building for Pediatric Neuro Oncology in Pakistan, Dr Bilal Qureshi takes part in developing local protocols, tumor boards as part of twinning project and has held neuro oncology workshops.

Bilal Qureshi aims to bring together pediatric radiation oncology colleagues for better care and services for children in LMIC.

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