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  • Every 3 minutes a child dies from cancer
  • Most childhood cancers are curable
  • Early diagnosis and access to care saves more lives

The time to act is now.


To make a donation in someone’s memory, please use the Donate Link about and then email info@siop-online.org with a note that the donation is made in memory a specific person.


SIOP has a variety of impactful exciting projects which are open for sponsorship.

With your support, you can help us to create a brighter future for children and adolescents with cancer.

Our projects are divided into:

The opportunity to save lives has never been greater.

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Your donation will contribute to accomplish at least one point of our mission:

  • By advocating globally on behalf of patients and families to ensure that every child and adolescent with cancer has access to state of the art diagnosis, treatment and care
  • By providing training opportunities for all childhood and adolescent cancer care providers worldwide on the latest clinical and scientific advances through meetings, networking, and educational outreach for continuing professional development
  • By promoting and advancing basic, clinical, and other research, and by supporting collaborative opportunities and translating scientific discovery to improve the outcomes for children and adolescents with cancer
  • By supporting those caring for children and adolescents with cancer and to provide them with the best curative and palliative therapies
  • By advocating appropriate long-term follow-up for survivors


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