This is a Catalan Human Tower Human or “Castell”, were the smallest child gets to stand at the very top of the pyramid and continues to feel safe and supported.
This a beautiful reminder of how much effort is in Childhood Cancer and our successes are the results of a big team effort!
We are all working together to achieve that magnificent endpoint in the foreseeable future were no child should die of cancer: cure for more, care for all.

To make a donation in someone’s memory, please use the Donate Link below and then email with a note that the donation is made in memory a specific person.

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Your donation will contribute to accomplish at least one point of our strategic goals:

Goal 1: Advocating Globally for Children and Adolescents with Cancer
Goal 2: Promoting Research to Improve Outcomes for Patients
Goal 3: Providing Education and Training
Goal 4: Increasing Membership and Engagement
Goal 5: Strengthen and Expand Strategic Partnerships

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