Susanne Wollaert


Rejin Kebudi

Secretary General

Asim Belgaumi

Scientific Committee Chair

Carmelo Rizzari

Continental President Europe (SIOPE)

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan

Global Health Network WG co-chair Young LMIC

Anthony Liu

Young Investigator

(Young SIOP)

Guillermo Chantada

Ex-Officio (SIOP President)

François Doz

Education & Training Committee Chair

SIOP is often asked to support publications by allowing to use the SIOP name, asked to participate and distribute surveys to its members endorse and promote events and series as well as to issue endorsement letters for grant proposal/research funding requests with the SIOP logo.

Since the SIOP logo is the embodiment of SIOP’s values and reputation. It is a valuable asset and a powerful tool for building and publicly acknowledging partners within the field of Paediatric Oncology.

Under the conditions detailed below the SIOP Publication & Endorsement Committee may grant auspices the use of the SIOP logo, name and outreach to our members, for publications, surveys, events/educational activities  and endorsement letters that fall within the scope of SIOP’s vision, mission and objectives.

To ensure that all outlines criteria are met, SIOP accepts formal applications through the categorized submissions forms below and reviews these during the committee’s monthly meeting (second Friday of every month; except endorsement letters as handled by SIOP President and Continental Presidents if applicable).

Request an Endorsement for:


We invite you to read through our Terms of Reference in order to establish if your endorsement request is eligible for review.

If you still have questions, please contact us by email

A member of staff will be in touch shortly for assistance.