The International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) often receives requests for SIOP endorsement from individuals or organizations applying for grants, research projects, or other competitive opportunities.

SIOP is committed to assisting its members to attract funding for projects that align with the SIOP Strategic Plan.

Only SIOP members (including Continental Branches, Committees and Networks) or organizations with a valid SIOP MOU, Strategic Alliance or Project Agreement are eligible for a letter of support.

While we recognize that a letter of support from SIOP adds weight to an applicant’s grant submission, it should be noted that a SIOP letter of support does not commit SIOP to having a role in the project or opportunity.

Policy for review of grant letter or research project funding endorsement:

Letters requesting SIOP endorsement/support should clearly support SIOP’s mission to improve the lives of children and adolescents with cancer through global collaboration, education, training, research and advocacy.

Generally, there must be a specified role in the project whereby SIOP, or a SIOP designated representative (e.g., Continental Branch, Committee or Network) acts as a collaborator, a sub-investigator, or a consultant.

Alternatively, the SIOP or SIOP-designated representative’s role could be to act as an informal consultant or advisory committee member for the project or opportunity.

It is expected that potential interactions with SIOP or SIOP appointed representatives will have been discussed during the development of the project proposal and prior to the request for the provision of a letter of support.

Support in principle:

SIOP is in favor of the proposal or project, based on the information provided. The principle, or the idea, appears appropriate for SIOP support and SIOP concurs with the predicted outcome or benefit for the target population


SIOP or SIOP designated representative finds the knowledge generated through the proposed project or research is of potential use to make informed decisions about health policies, programs and/or practices related to childhood cancer globally.

SIOP will provide letters of support for only in circumstances where there is a clear role for SIOP. SIOP privileges data-driven projects to improve childhood cancer care across the world, but particularly in settings of disparity.

Individuals or organizations wishing to make a request that meets the above criteria should complete the online submission form below and include a description of the project or grant as well as a draft letter of support for SIOP review.

The SIOP President will sign the request after endorsement by the appropriate Continental President/s. In some cases, it is more appropriate for a SIOP Continental President to sign the request for support in which case, the SIOP President will make this decision.

Online Submission Form

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