The role of the SIOP Epidemiology and Outcomes Network in the international pediatric oncology community is particularly valuable. Given the rarity of childhood cancers, international collaboration is crucial to sufficiently power epidemiologic and data-driven studies, demonstrate reproducibility of results, and generate hypotheses on factors underlying observed worldwide disparities in incidence, access to care and outcomes. Additionally, it is widely recognized that lack of diverse representation in genetic epidemiology studies has led to poor generalizability of results. Therefore it is imperative to promote international collaboration so that all children worldwide may benefit from the insights gained through epidemiologic and data-driven research.

The Network aims to foster collaboration, facilitate and form mentorship relationships for young investigators, and establish formal opportunities for networking, career development, and professional support.

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  • Positions: Co-Chairs (2 positions) and Steering Group members (4 positions) – you may apply for one position only
  • Deadline: Jun 15, 2024 at 12pm CEST
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