If you are having a hardship and are based in a LIC/LMIC/UMIC based on the World Bank classification, we invite you to apply for a free SIOP membership for calendar year 2024.

The free SIOP memberships are intended to give people a chance to experience the Society, its programs and networking opportunities so that they can see for themselves the benefit of being a SIOP member and thus decide to renew their membership for 2025 and beyond.

Kindly note that SIOP expects to have more applications for free memberships than we can accommodate and therefore an application does not guarantee a free membership.

The application will be processed by the SIOP Secretariat. Please allow about two weeks for us to process your application. We understand that this might be a sensitive issue and will treat all data with highest confidentiality. Only the members of the SIOP Secretariat will have access to the information provided in the form. All applicants will be notified by email if they are selected.

If you intend to apply for the paid membership or renew your current membership, please click here. It includes all information concerning joining our Society as new member, payment and extension of your membership.

How are free memberships allocated? We will adhere to a rubric that has been developed by our SIOP Membership Committee:

  • At least one free membership will be given to an applicant from any country where SIOP does not currently have any other members in order to increase diversity of the SIOP membership body.
  • An allocation of 10% of the free memberships will go to nurses and nurse educators
  • An allocation will be made for each Continent where LIC/LMIC/UMIC applicants reside. The actual % of this allocation will match the current % distribution of LIC/LMIC/UMIC members on that Continent.

As part of your application for a free SIOP membership, please do ready to copy/paste a response to this question “Briefly explain how a SIOP membership will influence your career development”.

If you are already a member of SIOP for year 2024, please do not apply for a free SIOP membership.