About ICCD

15th of February is International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD).

ICCD is a global collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer and to express support for children and adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

On the landmark 20th edition of the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, Childhood Cancer International (CCI) and the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) unveil a joint three-year campaign, ‘Tree of Life’ concept and Advocacy Toolkit to amplify the message of hope and accelerate life-saving progress for young cancer patients worldwide.

Our Message in 2021

"Better Survival" is achievable #throughourhands

For ICCD 2021-23, CCI and SIOP selected the Tree of Life – a universal symbol of growth and renewal, to send a powerful message: childhood cancer can be cured and the well-being of survivors achieved if all stakeholders continue acting resolutely together in key areas.

The accompanying ICCD Advocacy Toolkit is designed to guide the community to participate and make their voices heard. It includes creative ways to achieve a strong virtual presence and interact online as well as take actions at the national, regional and global levels.

The three-year CCI and SIOP campaign is fully aligned with the #CureAll strategy of the landmark WHO Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer (GICC). Launched in 2018, the GICC put the spotlight on childhood cancer as a priority on the international health agenda. Both CCI and SIOP are honoured to be partners in the GICC working as part of an unprecedented global effort.

CCI & SIOP Press Release

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SIOP Patron & President Message

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How Can You Get Involved?

All members of the global childhood cancer community are invited to participate in the three-year ICCD Tree of Life campaign starting this year to consolidate the awareness that more and better cure of childhood cancers is possible.

2021 ICCD Campaign Material

Visit the official ICCD website for further information on campaign actions and materials:

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2021 ICCD Campaign Material

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