Chair: Dr. Guillermo Chantada, SIOP President-Elect


The SIOP PARC Committee provides support, guidance and oversight of the development, implementation, and progress of the Program for Advancing the Research Capacity (PARC) for Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trials in Low Income Countries and Middle Income Countries.

PARC’s Ambitious Goal

Through the PARC Program to bolster pediatric oncology clinical research infrastructure in low income countries (LICs) and middle income countries (MICs), SIOP will enhance the capacity for research-informed treatment to improve the care and cure of children with cancer.

Three Objectives

Through the PARC Program, SIOP will 1) enable SIOP members and partners to expand research capacity in order to generate local evidence for cure and care, 2) advocate for increased use of research to provide evidence that optimizes the outcomes for children with cancer, and 3) mobilize resources for clinical research capacity development in LICs and MICs.

PARC Committee Members:

  • Alan Davidson
  • Alejandra Casanovas
  • Alejandra Mendez
  • Carl E. Allen
  • Eric Bouffet
  • Federico Antillon-Klussmann
  • Francois Doz
  • Girish Chinnaswamy
  • Guillermo Chantada
  • Kathy Pritchard-Jones
  • Mariana Kruger
  • Rashmi Dalvi
  • Raya Saab
  • Saghir M Khan