Historically, SIOP has been asked to distribute surveys to members by researchers exploring topics related to childhood cancer.  Given the increased number of requests, SIOP has found it necessary to create a survey policy and review process.

Surveys from SIOP partners, external parties, or SIOP members conducting research for personal academic or other purposes require scrutiny to determine the level of benefit to SIOP members and appropriateness for the Society before being endorsed and distributed.

NB: Surveys that are developed and distributed from within existing SIOP committees, networks, working groups and continental branches and are only shared within their respective groups are exempt from the pre-approval and endorsement process.

As the results might be interesting to other continents, committees, networks, working groups and to avoid duplication of efforts and support our organisational memory, we kindly ask these internal surveys & results to be shared with the SIOP Office for information only.

Criteria for Survey acceptance for distribution to SIOP Membership:

  • Topic has to be compelling for SIOP Membership
  • Engage with SIOP Publication & Endorsement Committee early in the process
  • Must be a rationale for survey as the only reasonable methodology available to obtain this data
  • The survey creator has determined that there is no existing database with this information
  • If survey is funded, funding source must be disclosed in full (please be advised: no tobacco, alcohol, gambling, or sugar funded surveys will be approved)
  • Use of the results of the proposed survey must be described and the use must be compelling as well as what action is expected to occur post-survey
  • Survey creator must be a SIOP member, or partner with an MOU or a collaborator who has created the survey in concert with a group within SIOP
  • Brief summary of the findings (including response rate) must be sent to SIOP within 3 months of the close of the survey
  • If survey is submitted for publication, SIOP must be informed and its contribution acknowledged


  • Publication & Endorsement committee Chair is the SIOP Executive Director
  • Reports to Board through SIOP Executive Director
  • Log maintained by SIOP Office
  • Surveys submitted for review by the Publications Committee via SIOP Office
  • Surveys submitted online for review by the Publication & Endorsement Committee via SIOP Office
  • Committee meets monthly on the second Friday of each month
  • Requests for review must be received 7 days in advance of the monthly meeting to be considered that month
  • Responses will be sent right after the committee meeting, unless clarification is required

Online Submission Form

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